Michael januska


Why make cheeses and open a cheese shop in Cleveland, Ohio...

Michael Januska wanted to re-create the old world cheese shops that he enjoyed while living in Europe. Creating his own cheeses continued his passion as a chef.

Michael's background has been in the restaurant industry for the past 27 years. He graduated culinary school in Florida. Worked in a few popular restaurants in Cleveland for a few years, before heading to Europe. Working as an Executive Chef in London for 16 years gave him the opportunities to experience new and traditional culinary adventures.

His love and appreciation of cheeses came from spending time at Neals Yard Dairy, in Covent Garden, London. Many of his shift breaks were spent in the small original shop. " the first time I walked into NYD, my senses went into overload. The smell of all of the cheeses sitting out. I will never forget the aroma. Heaven."

From that day forward, Michael began a journey to discover the 'old world' ways of making food. Every holiday would become a hands on education. Pressing olives to make olive oil in Baena, Spain. Pulling the heavy curds from the copper vats to make Parmigiano reggiano. Making chorizo sausages at a friends family farm. Begging every cheese shop in Paris to let me into their aging cellars. Walking through the fields of wandering Iberico pigs and tasting the acorns that they feed on.